Call for Papers: The Work of Noel Streatfeild

This is a Call for Papers for a self-published (by me) collection of papers on Noel Streatfeild.

Why Self-Published?

I have hit my limit with the pricing structure of academic presses, which ignore the widespread interest in academic volumes by readers beyond the universities.

It is now sufficiently easy to create (ebook); market (kickstarter; and sell (pay hip and various book selling platforms) that I see no reason why an essay collection should need to go through academic presses. Currently the only real reason for doing so, is that most of us know that when tenure (US) and REF (UK) is discussed, the claim that the status of the press ignored, rings hollow. There is very little I can do about the last, but I can produce a peer reviewed, properly edited collection about an under studied author, at a price interested people can afford. 

If you join this project note that we are doing this for fun, for *us*. I expect high standards but I’m not trying to be an academic books as such. The aim is something we want to read.

Round one: now to March: pitches to come in. Please feel free to circulate. You are not competing. If I find people working on similar topics or on the same books I will simply introduce you, and you can hammer it out so the chapters are very different. 

All pitches so far.

Send your pitch: a title and a very short (no more than 150 words) to

Round two: I will put out a second call in March naming gaps.

Round three: drafts of between 3000 and 5000 words (but no more) due 1st December 2021.  You may submit rough drafts (I know some people like to) any time from July 2021.

Estimated costs
Peer reviewers (2)£200
Copy editing£500
Cover Designer£500
Indexer (in house)£0
Sale support£200
Support for purchasing hard to get books£200

At £20 per copy we need to sell 105 copies. So I propose £15 as the kickstarter price, but £20 as post kickstarter.

We are aiming to make the costs through subscription before we go publish.

The destination of any surplus will be decided by the authors.