Diana Wynne Jones Conference at the Watershed, Bristol, August 2019: Programme and Book.

The Diana Wynne Jones conference went off splendidly.  We were delighted to be able to collect almost all of the conference papers into an e-book including the keynotes by Isobel Armstrong , Robin Stevens, and Gili Bar-Hillel which you can purchase here.

FRIDAY 9 August
Katja: Diana Wynne Jones Craft Workshop (1.00, 1.30, 2.00)

Catherine Butler: Welcome and Housekeeping
Farah Mendlesohn: Everything I learned about running a convention I learned from Deep Secret.”
Panel: The Pleasures and Challenges (Expected and Unexpected) of Teaching Diana Wynne Jones in the College Classroom: Donna White Martha Hixon Jackie Stallcup

SATURDAY 10 August

Keynote: Isobel Armstrong Diana: My Sister’s Imagination

Nationality and Borders Chair: Stefan Ekman

Leah Koch-Michael, Dalemark and Denmark

Amber Hancock, Bounds, Homes and Riding away: An Exploration of Border Representation and National Identity within the Novels of Diana Wynne Jones

Nat Case, In Short, the Map is Useless: Cartography and Maps in Diana Wynne Jones’s Books and Stories

Under the Influence Chair: Erin Horakova

David Clark, Diana Wynne Jones’s Contemporary Medievalism

Lotte Reinbold, Kit, Callette, and Kings: Diana Wynne Jones, the Medieval, and Where She Gets It From

Teya Rosenberg, Invisible and Visible Influence: Diana Wynne Jones, E. Nesbit, and Children Who Are Not Seen

Debbie Gascoyne, What did they teach her in those schools? Or “Damn it, I’m turning into C.S. Lewis!”

A Good Hiding? Chair: Aishwarya Subramanian

Rebecca Vaccaro, “Do we know each other?”: Hidden Identities, Referential Characters, and Narrative Possibilities in Diana Wynne Jones’s Hexwood

Veronica Wagner, Concealment and Revelation: Reading Diana Wynne Jones’s Magic through Western Esoteric Traditions

Avi Naftali, Buried Alive: The Arthur/Merlin Motif in the Novels of Diana Wynne Jones

Power and the Corporations Chair: Catherine Butler

Akiko Yamazaki, A remedy against the corruption of power, or the meaning of the Goon’s small head

Victoria Byard, Archer’s Goon and the Needs of the BBC

Aneesh Barai, “We need to make the place pay somehow”: Magical Universities and Money in The Year of the Griffin

Families and How to Survive Them, Chair: Audrey Taylor

Madeline Meylor, The Tough Guide to Growing Up: Diana Wynne Jones’ Lessons on Coming of Age

Ulrike Pesold, Family in the works of Diana Wynne Jones

Ali Baker, Step-Parents in two novels by Diana Wynne Jones

Wiles and Wisdom Chair: Gabriela Steinke

Caitlin Herington, Mini, Millie, Magid: Unconventional Women in the Twelve Related Worlds and other Universes of Diana Wynne Jones

Caroline Webb, “Drowning in Bleach”: Shame and Guilt in Diana Wynne Jones

Keynote: Gili Bar-Hillel
“There’s Nothing Magic about Words”: Finding the Words to Translate Diana Wynne Jones

Beirut Mezze, 13a Small Street, BS1 1DE 7.30

SUNDAY 11 August

Built Environments, Chair: Amber Hancock

Kathleen Jennings, Howl’s Permeable Castle – home invasion and benevolent colonisation in the works of Diana Wynne Jones

Karina Coldrick, Jones and Quantum Foam

Catherine Olver, A Sense of the Setting: World-Building and the Five Senses in the Dalemark Quartet

Into the Woods Chair: Nat Case

Julia Wang, Ideologies of Power in Hexwood

Gabriela Steinke, Fractured Humanity/Fragments of Humanity in Hexwood

Audrey Taylor, Time in Diana Wynne Jones

A Lucky Dip, Chair: Catherine Butler

Junko Nishimura, Diana Wynne Jones and Cats in her Books

Verena Rodriguez, The Wizard of a thousand faces: Pinning down the trickster wizard in the Howl Series

Matthew Knights, Diana Wynne Jones’s stories for younger readers: how do younger readers like them?

Wizarding Worlds, Chair: Alison Baker

Aishwarya Subramanian, “I belong to Chrestomanci Castle”: National space and imperial crisis zones in the worlds of Chrestomanci

Erin Horáková,, Walled gardens, lonely attics and public schools: the Romance, the Canon and Constructions of Englishness in the Chrestomanci Series

Gili Bar-Hillel, It takes a wizard: Exploring the role of Wizards within their communities.

Keynote: Robin Stevens Living a Charmed Life: How Diana Wynne Jones taught me to be a better author and a better person