Draft Programme for the Diana Wynne Jones Conference

Diana Wynne Jones Conference

Watershed, Bristol 1 Canon’s Rd, Bristol BS1 5TX

9-11 August 2019

FRIDAY 9 August

Watershed 2 Registration 12.30-2.30pm

 Room: Watershed 3

Katja: Dressing Gown Design Workshop (1.00-2.30)

Welcome 2.30-3.30

Farah Mendlesohn: Everything I learned about running a convention I learned from Deep Secret.”

Panel: The Pleasures and Challenges (Expected and Unexpected) of Teaching DWJ in the College Classroom Panel 3.30-5.00

Donna White; Martha Hixon; Jackie Stallcup

DINNER (this is not scheduled, but we will be facilitating the formation of dinner groups so that no one need be left out).




SATURDAY 10 August


Watershed 3 9-10.00

Keynote: Isobel Armstrong, Diana: My Sister’s Imagination


BREAK: 10.00-10.15


Parallel Sessions: Morning 10.15-12.00

Watershed 3 Nationality and Borders

Chair: Stefan Ekman


Charlotte Berry: Diana up north: the Danish and Swedish translations

Leah Koch-Michael: Dalemark and Denmark

Amber Hancock: Bounds, Homes and Riding away: An Exploration of Border Representation and National Identity within the Novels of Diana Wynne Jones

Nat Case: “In short, the Map is useless: the noncartographic geography of Diana Wynne Jones’ worlds”


Watershed 2

Under the Influence

Chair: Erin Horakova


David Clark: Diana Wynne Jones’s Contemporary Medievalism.’

Lotte Reinbold: Kit, Callette, and Kings: Diana Wynne Jones, the Medieval, and Where She Gets It From

Teya Rosenberg: Invisible and Visible Influence: Diana Wynne Jones, E. Nesbit, and Children Who Are NotSeen

Debbie Gascoyne: What did they teach her in those schools? Or “Damn it, I’m turning into C.S. Lewis!”


LUNCH 12.00-1.00


Parallel Sessions: Early Afternoon 1.00-2.15


Watershed 3 A Good Hiding?

Chair: Aishwarya Subramanian


Rebecca Vaccaro: Why Hide Identities?

Veronica Wagner: Concealment and Revelation: Reading Diana Wynne Jones’s Magic through Western Esoteric Traditions

Avi Naftali: Buried Alive: The Arthur/Merlin Motif in the Works of Diana Wynne Jones


Watershed 2 Families and How to Survive Them

Chair: Audrey Taylor


Madeline Meylor: “The Tough Guide to Growing Up: Diana Wynne Jones’ Lessons on Coming of Age”

Ulrike Pesold: Family in the works of Diana Wynne Jones

Ali Baker: Step Parents in two novels by Diana Wynne Jones


BREAK: 2.15-2.30


Parallel Sessions: Late Afternoon 2.30-3.45


Watershed 3 Power and the Corporations

Chair: Catherine Butler


Akiko Yamazaki: A remedy against the corruption of power, or the meaning of the Goon’s small head

Victoria Byard: Archer’s Goon and the Needs of the BBC

Aneesh Barai : “We need to make the place pay somehow”: Magical Universities and Money in The Year of the Griffin


Watershed 2 Wiles and Wisdom

Chair: Gabriela Steinke


Caitlin Herington: Mini, Millie, Magid: Unconventional Women in the Twelve Related Worlds and other Universes of Diana Wynne Jones

Caroline Webb: “Drowning in Bleach”: Shame and Guilt in Diana Wynne Jones


BREAK: 3.45-4.00


Watershed 3 4.00-5.00

Keynote: Gili Bar-Hillel “There’s Nothing Magic about Words”: Finding the Words to Translate Diana Wynne Jones



Beirut Mezze in Small Street: 7.30.





SUNDAY 11 August



Parallel Sessions: Early Morning 9.00-10.15


Watershed 3: Built Environments

Chair: Amber Hancock


Kathleen Jennings: Howl’s Permeable Castle — home invasion and benevolent colonisation in the works of Diana Wynne Jones

Karina Coldrick: Dragons and Quantum Foam: Mythic Archetypes and Modern Physics in Selected Works by Diana Wynne Jones.

Catherine Olver: A Sense of the Setting: World-Building and the Five Senses in the Dalemark Quartet


Watershed 2

Into the Woods

Chair: Nat Case


Julia Wang: Performing Adolescence: Agency and Age-Related Identities in Hexwood and Beyond

Gabriela Steinke: Fractured Humanity/Fragments of Humanity in Hexwood

Audrey Taylor: Time in Diana Wynne Jones


BREAK: 10-15-10.30


Parallel Sessions: Late Morning 10.30-11.45


Watershed 3: A Lucky Dip

Chair: Catherine Butler


Junko Nishimura : Diana Wynne Jones and Cats in her Books

Verena Rodriguez : The Wizard of a thousand faces: Pinning down the trickster wizard in The Howl Series

Matthew Knights: Diana Wynne Jones’s stories for younger readers: how do younger readers like them


Watershed 2: Wizarding Worlds

Chair: Alison Baker

Aishwarya Subramanian: “I belong to Chrestomanci Castle”: National space and imperial crisis zones in the worlds of Chrestomanci

Erin Horokova,: Walled gardens, lonely attics and public schools: the Romance, the Canon and Constructions of Englishness in the Chrestomanci Series

Gili Bar-Hillel: It takes a wizard: Exploring the role of Wizards within their communities


Watershed 3 11.45-12.45

Keynote: Robin Stevens “Living a Charmed Life: How Diana Wynne Jones taught me to be a better author and a better person”



Robin Stevens book signing, cakes and departure