Noel Streatfeild: CfP Pitches so far.

Streatfeild Project: The following pitches have been made so far.

Apple Bough, social class and the importance of home?
Ballet dancers’ ambition
Caldicott Place and Streatfield’s found families
class and life trajectory from [When] The Siren Wailed,
her books through the lens of modern (esp queer) found family trope discussion. Especially the canal people and theatre troupe in TC/FTG.
I’d like to write something about Victoria’s writing in A Vicarage Family and look at what it means to be a ‘young girl writing’.
Jane’s black dog and The Painted Garden.
Maiden, Mother & Menopause in the adult fictions of Noel Streatfield
maybe on the “villains” in some books (Thursday’s Child, Dancing Shoes, Apple Bough) or about her representations of femininity/masculinity, or about queerness of various kinds (individuals, relationships, spaces)
money in Streatfeild and how children are expected to budget; and differences between American and British editions of key books.
NS and the female work ethic (everything she ever wrote); and representations of mothers (practically everything she ever wrote); and housework (ABs Polly v BFs Cathy); and food (fat Nanas v skinny Aunties); and the body (Lalla’s ‘naughty curves’). No more tweet room…
something on the Gemma books (Streatfield does sixties/seventies teens) or the “ordinary” child in her books
Streatfield and the Three Act Play; structure, form, stock characters, insightful dialogue
Susan Scarlett novels
the Painted Garden please? There’s something there about the idea of a platonic “America that will save us” in British fiction, and also about seeing child heroes as grown ups.
The place of the
nannies,servants,governesses and tutors in Streatfeild’s books.(They are
so often far more competent than those who are employing them).
the way she deals with history? I’m thinking of the Margaret Thursday books but also the pageants in Gemma and Party Frock, and of course The Fearless Treasure.
White Boots and the fragile female sporting body

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The following people have signed up to take part.

Jennifer TruelandCaroline MullanKay Waddilove
Gili Bar-HillelMarianne
Gillian Polack (or Dr Gillian Polack, if you prefer)Wendy BradleyAishwarya Subramanian
Amanda FinchJane CarnallAndi C. Buchanan
Louise JohnsonAlison BakerCaroline Webb
Virginia PrestonJeannelle M. FerreiraLotte Reinbold
Ruth DaviesRebecca MillsAJHall
Joanne SimpsonMaia CheliLaura Carter
Elizabeth ChakrabartyAlyc HelmsFarah Mendlesohn