Academic support


This coaching is intended for students who are struggling with structure, research development or writing and need support over and above what a supervisor may be able to help with. Support is available for academic English and those for whom UK English is not their first language. It is not a cheating service, and any student who is found to be plagiarising will  be reported to their supervisor.

Suitable for: any student in the humanities or social sciences; I am also able to assist with public understanding of science and writing for practice based research and practice as research.

Mode: face to face, email or skype.

  • Coaching: £25 per hour.
  • Reading/ commenting/editing a chapter: £50
  • Reading/commenting on a PhD thesis: £400
    • if English language support is needed £500
  • Copy editing for academic English, £12 per thousand words.



“I can’t recommend Farah’s thoughtful support enough! At a time when I was truly despairing about ever finishing, she came with a razor-sharp mind and was able not only to suggest key things to think about, but which scholars and texts I had overlooked that would strengthen my arguments. She even helped with some very basic “how-to” research and write advice that, frankly, if I had had years ago I might have never gotten myself into that mess in the first place. With her support I finished and passed! I honestly am not sure if I would have done so without her.” Julie Barton.

“Farah is very experienced at supporting research students in a way that is helpful, constructive and encourages them to think deeply about their work. She is also one of the most accomplished academic writers I know, with several books to her credit. Farah also has a thorough understanding of academic integrity and knows exactly how much editing and discussion is appropriate. The opportunity to work independently with a leading academic like Farah does not come along often. If you’re a PhD student looking for more support, I strongly recommend Farah – just so long as you’re willing to have your thinking challenged.” Thomas Lancaster, Academic Integrity Consultant.