On hearing that Mr. Whiteside of Greggs is going vegan… An Open Letter to Greggs. With a response!

Dear Mr. Whiteside
Once upon a time I was an avid fan of Greggs. As a school kid I used to regard your sausage rolls as just the best, the iced fingers a high treat, and the strawberry tarts a Friday wonder.
I even worked for you briefly in 1993 before I got my first academic job, in a small store on an estate at the edge of York. I used to eat sausage rolls and Russian slices in the breaks.  A deputy Vice Chancellor who was one of the best managers I’ve ever had was one of your factory managers when she was younger.
I have huge affection for Greggs.
But the last time I tasted a Greggs’ sausage roll was 1997.
Which is why I am asking–begging in fact–when you’ve nailed the vegan thing (which I heartily approve of) please please turn your attention to producing a gluten free pastry range, because anything Greggs produces will knock all competitors out of the park.

Farah Mendlesohn

Dear Farah
Thank you for your message. That is a long time to go without a sausage roll.
We recognise the growing demand for gluten free and have introduced some choice in sweet bakery and soups for example. So far a good tasting gluten free pastry product has eluded us but we will keep on trying.

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