Diana Wynne Jones in 2019: Programme Watershed, Bristol, 9/10/11 August

We are delighted to be able to bring you the conference papers as ebook, or pdf. You can purchase them for £10. All surplus from the sales is going towards the next conference which will be within the next five years (we’ve averaged a conference every five years so far).

Code of Conduct: as we are a one off conference, we are using the code of conduct of the Historical Fictions Research Network which is of a similar size.

Draft Programme

We have reached our maximum numbers of 100 people and have decided to close sales.
For those who aren’t used to running conferences, the risk of expanding to another room is that if we didn’t then add at least 25 people, we could lose money. As this is a private (non university) conference we can’t take that risk.
Tickets may be transferred to a named person. The conference must be informed of any such transfers at least seven days prior to the conference. We reserve the right to refuse a transfer if the individual named has been excluded from any other conferences or conventions, or has any criminal convictions.
Young people between the ages of 12 and 18 must be associated with a named adult at the convention. If you do not know any other attendees but your young person has bought a ticket, please contact farah.sf@gmail.com to make arrangements for us to act in loco parentis.
If you know if someone who wishes to join a ticket waiting list, ask them to contact Farah directly. farah.sf@gmail.com
All the best
Farah and Cathy.