Working Class Heroes (at Eastercon 2021)

I’ve moderated a panel last night on Working Class Heroes. Guests were Ali Baker Brooks (UEL), Stewart Hotson, Ken MacLeod, and Charles Stross. We roamed over the issues of what is the working class, is there just one, what are the things that shape working class experience. Below are some of the books we mentioned that covered living as working class people, struggling against capitalism, achieving and coping with moving out of the working class, and the issues of intersectionality

This is the reading list from the Working Class Heroes panel: Ali Baker Brooks, Stewart Hotson, Ken MacLeod, Charlie Stross.

·       Courttia Newland, A River Called Time
·       Hilary Mantel, Beyond Black
·       Eleen Lee, Liquid Crystal Nightingale
·       Michael Swanwick, The Iron Dragon’s Daughter
·       Simon Morden, Gallowglass
·       Temi Oh, Do you Dream of Terra Two
·       Homer Hickam Jr. Rocket Boys
·       1632, Eric Flint.SM Stirling
·       Nalo Hopkinson, New Moons Arms
·       Philip Reeve, Railhead
·       Elizabeth Hand, Waking the Moon
·       Helen Wecker, The Golem and the Djinni, 
·       Nathan Lowell, The Quarter Share books, 
·       Liz Wiliams Precious Dragon (fantasy) and 
·       Nine Layers of Sky (SFF)
·       Kari Sperring The Grass King’s Concubineb
·       Tricia Sullivan, Maul
·       Oisin McGann, Small Minded Giants (YA) 
·       BB Alston, Amari and the Night Brothers -upper end of middle grade and lower YA
·       ➢ Also see blogon unions in SF;…/witches-of-world-unite.html

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